Q-SER, an Erasmus+ project delivering online training
and mentoring models for public sector organisations

Q-SER, an Erasmus+ project delivering online training
and mentoring models for public sector organisations

Objective 1

Training Municipality Employees in Intercultural Training and how to deal with emigrants and refugees.

Objective 2

Providing tools and models to organisations to change their communication policies with strategic planning based on the Q-SER models.

Objective 3

Free, multilingual online training course for any organisation working with emigrants and refugees.

About Us

The project Q-SER is an Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnership project started in October 2017 and lasting for 28 months, during which, the project will deliver several results, targeting mainly organisations and trainers working with emigrants and refugees. The seven partners from across Europe will work together for 28 months creating an innovative training curriculum entitled “Q-SER and Multicultural Communication and Diversity” as well as 2 innovative mentoring models, “Impact Circular Model targeting the organisation level” and the “Circular Cycle of Mentoring Model targeting ground level staff”.

Our target groups are: adult trainers, adults, educationalists, stakeholders, public and private organisations working with emigrants and refugees. These professionals will be consulted at regular interval during the design and implementation of the results in order to target their specific training needs.

The expected project results are:

  • One training curriculum on “Q-SER and Multicultural Communication and Diversity
  • An online multilingual training platform with respective training material
  • Two models depicting how organisations can strategically implement and adopt the models
  • Dissemination material to raise awareness of the project
  • Events that will allow the target group members to meet and share their ideas.

Stuttgart, Apr. 2018
Seville, Oct. 2018

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