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Fourth project meeting

Fourth project meeting in Stuttgart, Germany 04/11/2019 – 05/11/2019. The pre-final project meeting took place in Germany with all partners attending. It was combined with a multiplier event with target group members participating and presenting very interesting case studies taking place in Germany. The partners had a very good opportunity to present and compare the […]

Pilot event in Greece

Pilot event in Greece: The pilot is currently underway in Greece, testing IO2, IO3 and IO4 with municipality employees and mentoring models with pairs. Results will be published in the respective Results page.

Third meeting

Third meetingin Prague, Czech Republic: 13/05/2019 – 14/05/2019. All partners participated in the meeting where the main topics on the agenda where the two models and the final version of the SCORM multilingual training material. The partners discussed in depth on how the models would be used in the pilot training of the Q-SER project […]

IO4 Model

IO4 Model: the IO4 model output is complete and translated in all partner languages. All respective documentation is available for download on the Results page

IO3 Model

IO3 Model the IO3 Model has been completed in all partner languages. All the documentation is available for download on the Results page

Second meeting

Second meetingin Sevilla, Spain: 18/10/2018 – 19/10/2018. The 2nd partner meeting took place in Spain and all partners participated. The participants of the event came from diverse backgrounds allowing for interesting and productive discussions. The partners used the input from the target groups and integrated it within the training material and IO models. The meeting continued […]

First meeting in Stuttgart

First meeting in Stuttgart, Germany 26/04/2018 – 24/04/2018. The first meeting of the project took place in Stuttgart Germany where all partners met for the 2nd time. The results from the User Needs Analysis was presented and all partners discussed in detail on the training needs emerged from them. The online platform was presented and improvements […]

IO1: National Survey on the learning environment among refugee aid workers

IO1: National Survey on the learning environment among refugee aid workers. Several surveys in our partnering countries have been carried out in order to gain a qualitative and quantitative insight in the refugee aid workers situation. The main focus laid on the professional education and training among the employees and volunteers. Our main findings are downloadable […]