Impact Model – Step 3: Training needs analysis

3. Conducting a training needs analysis - identify the gap

The third step of the IO3 Impact Circular Model requires the organisation to conduct a training needs analysis within the department which will use the model. This is imperative since it focuses on providing the right skills and competences to the staff to effectively deal with the model and to maximise impact and productivity but also efficiency of use. Moreover, providing the correct analysis will motivate the staff to up-skill themselves and focus on lifelong learning opportunities.

The trainer at hand has the responsibility to identify, record, and create the respective training material, and if possible, teach the target groups. During a workshop where specific scenarios and topics /skill are discussed and analysed, a trainer has the opportunity to identify and record specific training needs related to the topic at hand based on the discussions made.

Should this be the aim of the workshop, the trainer needs to record the

  • a) skills gap in working with a set skill and
  • b) the training need associated with it in order to locate the related training material or activity to cater for it.

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