Mentoring Model – Step 1: Online Training

1. Online access to platform for information and training

The first step of this model relates to the proper preparation of the participants / employees in the training. The Q-SER project has created three online, multilingual training modules on intercultural training which is imperative for the staff to follow and prepare accordingly.

The total training duration of the 3 modules is estimated to 6-7 hours of autonomous training, complete with quizzes for assessment.

The 3 Q-SER online training modules are:

– Introduction to multiculturalism and immigration

– Diversity as a source of wealth

– Intercultural communication: Moving towards mutual understanding

  1. Click on the link
  2. Register to get a username and password
  3. Access the training course in your own language

Download the guide to Step 1 here

When done, proceed with Step 2 of the mentoring model.