Mentoring Model – Step 3: Job Shadowing

3. Job Shadowing and Mentors

The 3rd step of this model is optional and up to the organisation to implement or not. This step relates to Job Shadowing and using external mentors for the mentoring or job-shadowing. In the Q-SER project, job shadowing has been used to observe the staff in nurseries following their mentoring sessions and discuss how they were conducting their everyday activities. The job shadower with the staff, discussed if their way of work had changed, if following the mentoring, their work was more productive and more effective.

Job shadowing is a very productive tool, offering on-the-job training, support and an individualized approach to up-skilling of competences.

Download the guide to Step 3 here

Download the guide to find out more about job shadowing, the principles of it and how you can set up job shadowing activities in-house.