Mentoring Model – Step 4: Evaluation

4. Evaluation

The 4th and final step of the mentoring model is the evaluation and impact on the organisation and staff. Since the overall notion of the model is its circular approach, the evaluation and impact is of great importance in order re-introduce the results into the organisation and create multiplier mentors who are willing to train and mentor new staff.

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Having applied all the previous steps, an organisation is now able to re-use the mentoring model results within any department and with any of its staff. For each step, the organisation has now set up mentoring pairs and provided the necessary training and support schemes, created the necessary environment for mentoring to take place, organized job shadowing activities and have the necessary evaluation tools in place to review and measure impact. Having successfully designed and implemented the Circular mentoring Model within, they are now in a position to implement grass root training, attitude change, up-skilling of staff and employees as well as re-use of the results.