Impact Model – Step 1: Select area of application

1. Select area of application

Selecting the Department that will implement the model, is a key step for an organisation, since it signifies the application phase and area of application. The organisation needs to follow certain sub-steps in order to complete this phase. This information is available in the below file that you can download and use as template.

DOWNLOAD Step 1 guide

The first step for any organisation, is to identify the strategic goals it needs to comply to, for example, to change the communication routine within a department, or to implement a different communication strategy related to a specific target group or clientele. Subsequently, it will allow for selection and implementation.

As an example of implementation, this model was adopted by the Municipality of Egaleo in Athens, Greece wishing to enhance the communication strategy when dealing with immigrants in the municipality. The department of testing was the Nursery department where it needed to enhance the skills and competences of the teachers to deal with specific work tasks and communication issues.

  1. The criteria for selection were that in comparison with other municipality departments, the nurseries were the ones who were in constant contact with the target group at hand (immigrants) and they needed hands on results to deal with issues that had arisen,
  2. The internal procedures to consider where the number of teachers to be trained, the bureaucracy to overcome and the necessary approvals to take from the head of the department and the teachers who wished to participate in this trial.
  3. The necessary templates were drafted and the necessary skills and competences mapped out.

The trial in the municipality was ready to begin.