Impact Model

Impact Circular Model – Concept and aim

The Impact Circular Model has been specifically designed to be used in an organisational level. This allows an organisation to set long term strategy goals and aims to reach set objectives. An organisation, whether it is public or private, can use the Impact Circular Model to improve one or several departmental goals by applying the theory of the model. This document outlines the description of the model, its theoretical application potential as well as guidelines of use.

The Impact Circular model integrates the overall notion of the Q-SER project and its transferability and adaptability to other organisations displaying project results impact. Model can be used by any organisation willing to adopt the Q-SER results within their structures. The model serves as guidelines of use, application information, examples, information material etc. and comprise of several parts facilitating the new organisation’s uptake and reuse [Circular]. Moreover, it allows new applied models to be exported to other target groups (TG) and impact measurement tools, thus, circular impact is displayed.