Impact Model – Step 5: Impact recording

5. Impact recording

As all activities pertaining training and education within an organisation are of extreme importance, the impact they yield should be measured. At an organisational level, the data collected should be distinct into the following categories (non-exhaustive list):

Organisation level i.e. how well has the performance of the actual training been.

Department level: the performance of the department on dealing with the target groups on the specific topic at hand. One indicator can be the number of complaints received or the number of immigrants served and how they were dealt.

Staff level: satisfaction ratio of employees in completing work activities and motivation in serving target group members.

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The example of the Municipality of Egaleo implementation of Step 5 showed the need for such activities on an organisation level since large, public companies implement change slowly and sometimes not successfully targeting specific training needs. Dealing with an emerging issue, that of an increase in immigrant families moving into the municipality, the nursery staff were incapable of handling the issue following a certain strategy. Most worked autonomously solving issues as they came along without any central guidance. By implementing the Impact Circular Model, the organisation had put in place processes and templates, but also a database of mentors, able to deal with any new in-house issue.

Municipality organisation level: Processes and infrastructure were put in place to implement the IO3 model

Department level: the nurseries implemented the strategy set by the central body as well as set up structures for training and identification of work issues

Staff level: staff were motivated to update their skills and competences, they felt that the central body showed interest in their professional development as well as provided them with solutions to issues identified.