Mentoring Model – Step 2: Pairing mentors-mentees

2. Pairing mentors with mentees

The 2nd step of this model is the most important one. Following the training in Step 1, the department responsible needs in this Step to match mentors with the respective mentees, both coming from the same department, however, in some cases, the mentors can be external.

Setting up mentors and mentees requires a careful preparation process in what is called the “Pairing process”. This process is sensitive and reliant on people’s motivation and interests and in need of the full support by the organisation, in order to be completed successfully and productive.

  1. Primarily, the department should ask for volunteer mentors in order to prepare them accordingly. The mentors will be selected based on the criteria set by the department and the mentoring objective or competence objective.
    • Example: For the Municipality of Egaleo, the criteria to become a mentor was the years of experience in the nursery, the interest and willingness of becoming a mentor and follow the respective training and finally, to have experience in interacting with the target group (immigrants) for more than one year. A form was drafted and the future mentors signed and formally approved their role. This form also contained information on their profile, skills and competences.
  2. The selected mentors should be trained (see training material link below) once they are selected. The training should focus on the expectations of being a mentor, the skills and competences related to mentoring and the mentor as well as how the actual mentoring process should be designed.
  3. Matching and agreements: the mentors and mentees are matched together and introduced in order to agree on the process and procedure. (see Step guide for more information)
  4. Rules of cooperation should be set up and allow for the non-disruption of work relations. This is very important if both mentors and mentees originate from the same department
  5. Reporting and evaluation.

Download the Guide to Step 2 here

Download the mentoring training material here (PPT)