The seven partners comprising this innovative project are the below:


The Municipality of Egaleo is situated at the West region of the Urban Planning Complex of Athens and has been built at both sides of the ancient Holly Road (Iera Odos). The official records of the 2011 census estimate a population of 69.946 inhabitants. However it is estimated that the city is inhabited by approximately 120.000 people and the average neat density is 225 inhabitants/hectare (the significant diferrence is attributed to the registration method, since a considerable amount of the population is registred at the place of origin and not at the place of permanent residence.

MoE realizing the magnitude of the refugee and immigration problem facing the country, wishing to help with this huge humanitarian crisis, gathers essential items and forms groups of volunteers for that reason.  Moreover MoE collects products and coordinates the actions from business offers and citizens regarding the coverage of the emergency needs of refugees in Eleonas camp. Furthermore MoE is continuing to improve the living conditions for refugees staying in the Eleonas camp by delivering clean water, constructing showers and providing sanitation services in order to help to prevent outbreaks of disease. Especially Social Services of MoE provide specialized services for children, the elderly and for the sick, including baby strollers, wheelchairs, crutches, medical referrals and psychosocial support.

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The Andalusian Municipality Fund for International Solidarity (FAMSI) is a Network of provincial and local governments. City Councils and provincial governments have been joined by other entities such as NGDOs, universities, foundations, research centres, rural development groups and businesses, that have been added foreign action and solidarity to their tasks. The aim of the FAMSI is to bring about change conducive to building a fairer reality for everyone, through the active involvement of all the partner institutions and entities.
The FAMSI was created in 2000 with the aim of coordinating the interest and technical and finantial resources directed to cooperation. Over the years, and with experience acquired, it has increased its activity by diversifying subject areas, scopes of action, working networks and regional and international impact.
It encourages an exchange of experiences between Andalusia and other world regions.
It takes part in preparing regional, national and international strategies of international cooperation and development. It connects the players in local decentralised cooperation in Andalusia with those in other communities in the north and south, as well as with communities undergoing socieconomic development processes, with the support of international cooperation.

The Sustainable Development Goals include the local role played in the creation of sustainable cities and communities, among the challenges of an ambitious action plan with 17 targets and 169 economic, social and environmental goals over a fifteen year period. The FAMSI supports this new commitment, playing these objectives and goals as an essential point of reference for all its solidarity and cooperation initiatives.

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MC 2020 is created on 2014 from the initiative of a group of professionals with wide and recognized experience in the fields of social research, education and business management. Thus we materialized 10 years of networking and professional experience in a common entrepreneurial project, bringing together specialists in the fields of sociology, history, economy and education.

MC 2020 has wide experience in developing programs for internationalization, pioneering the implementation of innovative programs in the field of promoting cross competencies applicable to this area. The analysis of economic- sector realities according to reference variables mainly associated to the field of training, learning and employment is another area where we have extensive experience at national and international levels. On this basis, MC2020 is collaborating in several national and international projects, focused on the improvement of competences for several collectives.

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The social enterprise Drosostalida aims to promote the integration into economic and social life in general and the social integration of individuals (young and adults) who belong to vulnerable groups, mainly via their promotion in the employment.  Drosostalida belongs into Social Integration Enterprises and has undertaken to employ people from vulnerable groups. Especially at least 40% of its employees will come from these groups.

Drosostalida offers  a wide range of training activities, as it is composed by 7 members, doctor, sociologist, criminologists, IT experts, HEI & VET professors.

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The Greek-orthodox metropolis of Germany established on 20.12.1972 is the central public body covering over 500,000 members in Germany. The scope of work are various covering

• Religious education

• Beneficial work, Philanthropy, charities

• Inter-Orthodox Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations

• Public affairs

• Senior residences

• Trinity children and family services

• Synods with affiliated orgnaizations and pan-orthodox agencies

• Adult education

The Greek-orthodox metropolis of Germany is represented in over 70 communities all over Germany with more than 152 active executives.

The Greek-orthodox metropolis of Germany is since years very active in ecumenical cooperation and with a further focus on dialog with other religions, espec. Jewish and Muslim. The beneficial work and charity work of the Greek-orthodox metropolis has no limitations regarding nationality of people asking for help. The Greek-orthodox metropolis has extended experience on inter-cultural work, and developing relationship- and trust-building skills.

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The InTraCoM [ICOM] was founded at the year 2000 and is a spin off from the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. With 6 employees in Stuttgart IG has a turnover around 1 Mio. €. IG is a consulting company at the area of innovation management and has an own software development department for own products at the area of intellectual property rights [IPR]. ICOM is further developing e-learning systems for different areas, mainly in the innovation management area and training of special target groups.

InTraCoM has expertise in Database Structures, in Knowledge Management Tools, in Semantic Analysis as well as in Security Systems. The Management of long lasting R&D Projects is also an expertise.

ICOM is very active at the area of e-learning systems, having as main role the development of the e&m learning management system. Own systems were developed for IPR as well as under several projects under EC funding. Several methodologies were practiced at ICOM like quality function deployment (QFD) as well as scenario management and trend monitoring. ICOM led several big R&D projects in the past and has fundamental experience at project management of long lasting R&D projects.

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International Organization for Migration - Prague

The IOM Mission in Prague was established in 1998. IOM is project based organization and seeks its role besides others in bringing to the Czech Republic foreign best praxis and experience exchange to professionals, state institutions, NGOs, academia and public. IOM Prague is involved in a range of different fields and projects: migrants’ integration, prevention and fight against social exclusion and trafficking in human beings, resettlement, assisted voluntary returns and reintegration, labor migration, migration and development, research, education and others. IOM Prague can use the extensive global expertise and experience in the field from missions in 170 member states.  There are currently 5 employees in IOM Prague.

IOM works closely with respective stakeholders (social partners and/or national labour market services etc. + NGOs providing assistance in labour market integration etc., service providers working with and serving migrant and host communities and migrant organizations), thus providing the organization with the needed access and level of trust within the community to effectively promote, implement, and manage the proposed project.

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